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GMGoldLINK™ a new GoldMine API

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PikLink™ - RDBMS Connection Tools


  • Property.Cursor
    Returns: Long
    Returns the current pointer location in the list.

  • Function.MoveEOL()
    Move to end of list contents.

  • Function.MoveBOL()
    Move to begining of list contents.

  • Property.CurrentItem
    Returns: String
    Returns the ItemName at the current cursor location.

  • Function.MovePrevious(Optional NumRecords)
    move the cursor a number of records or 1 record backwards .

  • Function.MoveNext()
    move the cursor a number of records or 1 record forwards.

  • Property.ListCount
    Returns: Long
    Returns the number of items in the list .

  • Property.Contents
    Returns: String
    Returns the entires contents of the list as a string .

  • Function.List(Index)
    Returns: String
    Returns the item in the list at the specified index location .

  • Function.ReadNext()
    Returns: String
    Return the first list item and remove from the list.

  • Function.EnglishSelect(SelectStatement, Optional SSELECT)
    Perform the Select statement to retieve a list .

  • Function.ListAccounts(Optional bSorted)
    Return a list of all the server accounts on the server.

  • Function.ListItemIDs(AccountName, FileName, Optional bSorted)
    Return a list of all the item ids in the specified file in the specified account.

  • Function.ListFiles(AccountName, Optional bSorted)
    Return a list of File names in the specified account on the server.

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