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CodeSmartX - Enhancements for the future.

The following features will appear in the next full release of CodeSmart (Version 3)

Code Navigation - Currently incomplete

A tool window will provide utilities to allow easy navigation around the code in the active code window.

A Sorted View in the Code Navigation window will provides a sorted list of the routines found in the active code window. A non sorted view will also be available.

You will be able to move routines by moving them in the Code Navigation window allowing you to reorganize your code.

Options to add the error handler or procedure comments code to selected routines withing the Code Navigation Window.

Multiple Clipboards

I intend to have multiple clipboard buffers to allow you to copy multiple code snippets. View and Edit options will also be available with this.

Enhanced Text Search engine.

I also have plans to include a enhanced text search engine. This new feature will give the user a powerful set of search tools with the ability to perform multiple search selections and keep the results separate. You will be able to jump to the found text by double clicking on the results shown.

Caption Editing Window

You may have come across this problem before - I have and it's annoying. The Caption property on labels and other controls very difficult to edit if you need to change them when there is allot of text. This feature will allow easy editing.


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