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DBase Directory Location: GMBASE
Table Description: Saved filters for all databases.

Table Indexes
Name DBase Index SQL Index ID

Table Relationships

Table Fields Structure
Field Name Field Type Length Description
RECTYPE String 1 Type; (F)ilter or (S)QL Query
USERID String 8 Owner of filter (Blank=Public)
NAME String 40 Filter Name
QEXPR Memo - Filter dBase Expression (DBase/SQL version)
USEREXP String 254 Filter Users Expression (Plain English version)
SORTORDER String 2 Limits Sort
TOPLIMIT String 20 Top Limit
BOTLIMIT String 20 Bottom Limit
LASTUSER String 8 Last Modified By
LASTDATE Date 8 Last Modified Date
LASTTIME String 5 Last Modified Time
RECID String 15 Record ID


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