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GoldMine Free Tools

Here you will find a selection of usefull tools for GoldMine. Please feel free to use them if you wish.

MailBoxConvert - This tool will extract the email body from your emails and store them as HTML files on your system.This effectivly allows you to shrink the MAILBOX.DBT portion of the MAILBOX table. This tool is primarily designed for use with GoldMine 6.x standard but will work with GoldMine CE 7.x and GoldMine Premium 8.x but as these use SQL for the backend the MAILBOX table size is not a problem..

Because of the 2GB limitation for each table the MAILBOX table is commonly the first place you will come across this limitation. You can select the mail size to scan for and a cutoff date.

It is recommended you backup the MAILBOX.* files before you begin and ensure that you have performed a "Rebuild and Pack" of the MAILBOX table. The application will monitor the DBT size and stop if the size becomes to large. You may need to rebuild and re-run the application to reduce a very large starting size. -

The resulting HTML files will be stored in the mailbox\attach\html folder and there will be a sub folder for each user\month year. I have managed to reduce a MAILBOX.DBT from 1.99GB down to 900MB using this tool and has extended the life of the application.

This application will not touch the CONTHIST records in any way

MailBoxConvert requires .NET2 SP2 to be installed

Mailbox Convert has been downloaded Times

I have fixed a bug with this tool that caused it not to process emails that where stored in sub folders more than 1 level deep, also fixed the Log file and added additional information when running.

It is now compiled to .NET4 so please ensure this is installed , please download and install the main installer then copy the update EXE from the update zip over the installed exe. This can be found in the default location of c:\program files\enigmaware\MailboxConvert\

MailBox Convert Update has been downloaded Times


More tools to come soom

Feel free to use these tools and if you like them maybe you would like to donate



You use these tools at your own risk, I take no resposibility for their use in whole or in part. They are free applications and as such you as users have no rights to claim for loss or damage to your system in the event such problem(s) arise.

Always backup before you use them.



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